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Table TA

A teacher, Gracie Jane, and her teaching assistant, Lulu Chu, are grading assignments together at a kitchen table. They clearly have a warm rapport, and have decided to catch up on grading together during off-hours at Gracies house after school. While they grade the papers, Gracies wife, Daphne, mills around in the background as she prepares to go to yoga class. Gracie and Lulu soon become tired of grading... and instead exchange sly looks as they start playing footsie with each other under the table.

Gracie and Lulu kiss, while their hands touch each other under the table. As theyre pleasuring each other, they almost get caught by Daphne, but the thrill just turns them on even MORE. After Daphne leaves for her yoga class, its time for Gracie and Lulus REAL fun to begin!


    User Rating   5.00

I'm Trying To Fuckin Work

Stunning TS beauty, Ariel Demure, and Lulu Chu, dive deep into hardcore sex! Watch these stunning babes get extra nasty! Including multiple positions and explosive climaxes. This is naughty TS fucking at it’s finest!

Released: October 6, 2023

    User Rating   5.00