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fulfilling a fantasy

Kenzie Lovecox lives a boring life in one of the flyover states, schlepping into work each week and bored to tears with the tedium and dreary office existence. She didn't transition and become a beautiful girl to be this fucking bored with life. So when a handsome stranger reaches out to her and offers to take her to Vegas for a weekend - she can't say yes fast enough. And once she is there, its time to dress to the nines and get her hair and makeup done so she can not until fulfill her fantasy of being an ultra glamorous slut...but she is HIS fantasy of fucking a thick and stunning trans girl bareback in his hotel room.

Released: 11/27/2023

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Parent Teacher Conference With A Twist

He was expecting to meet with little Johnny's father for a parent teacher conference, but when he showed up as Cassandra Lovit, it really threw him for a loop. And then Cassandra wanted to make sure that little Johnny got a good grade in his class and she was willing to do ANYTHING to make it happen. Soon she was getting that asspussy fucked hard by the teacher's big dick and loving it! Afterward the teacher revealed that he fucked the wife too! WOW!

Released: 11/24/2023

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bottoming never felt so good

Chanel Jordan is loving life after she has finally come out as trans. Previously she has only topped other trans girls and cis girls, but today is another story altogether. She is giving up that ass for a big dick stud for the first time ever! How exciting for Chanel to affirm her transness by getting buttfucked like cis girls do! Damn sometimes the best fantasies are actually reality.

Released: 11/20/2023

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Now Her Life Has Purpose

He was a normal guy with a girlfriend, who played sports, and did guy things...but one day he met a man that changed his life. He submitted, feminized, and trained him until he was Bunny Summers, sexy blonde sissy slut. Now she was going to class dressed as a girl and seeing which boys hit on her. But of course she came straight home to her alpha male, so she could please him and his big dick. Her dick was forever tiny and worthless just like a good sissy has. Pleasing him was all Bunny cared about anymore and while he was fucking her big ass hard she thought about how perfect her new life is

Released: 11/17/2023

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giving him a helping hand

He is busy having a nice time by himself and jerking off his big dick...Natalia overhears him and comes into the room to give him a helping hand. Soon she is sucking cock and showing off that insane bubble butt of hers! Watching her bounce on his big dick and get the cum out of him with her skills HAS to be seen!

Released: 11/13/2023

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Sissy Princess Earns Her Crown

Jeni Justice has just been crowned sissy princess and she is over the moon! Nothing makes a submissive male happier than being told she is a good girl. Now the judge wants to make sure that she knows just how she won that crown. And that's because she promised to suck his alpha male cock and take it deep inside her boipussy while she is in chastity

Released: 11/10/2023

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chance meeting in Germany

Luna Snow met an American tourist while walking around the mall and when they locked eyes...they both knew it was on! She went back to his hotel room and changed into some sexy lingerie. When she arrived before him, his hard cock was ready to take care of all her needs. He fucked that sweet trans booty as she softly moaned and loved every second of it. Europe can be a magical place sometimes!

Released: 11/06/2023

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Trained To Be A Good Slut

Christian lives a fantastic bachelor life with a great job, a great home, and best of all - he turned one of his beta male neighbors into the beautiful and submissive sissy Jenny Kennedy. Now whatever his needs are, Jenny is there for him. She has given up being a man and transformed herself into a beautiful and slutty gurl. Today he is especially happy with how she is dressed, how her hair and makeup are done, and how she isn't wearing any panties. Time to fuck this submissive sissy slut and have her swallow his sperm too! Good girl

Released: 11/03/2023

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Halloween Fun

Rachel Nova is a beautiful German barmaid and she is getting dicked down by a lucky guy in a bear costume. She looks so sexy as she expertly takes that hard cock in her mouth before they have an INTENSE sex session during the spooky Halloween season

Released: 10/30/2023

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Maid To Order

Doja Brat is a sissy maid that is there to do WHATEVER he asks of her at all times. She is constantly on her knees servicing him and his hard cock while he tells her that she will never be a man again and this is new life forever moving forward. Deep down Doja Brat loves her life is a sissy maid and has a smile on her face while she is getting buttfucked in her boipussy

Released: 10/27/2023

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sunbathing babe wants some waiter cock

Sarah Alexis is sunbathing on a sunny day when she orders a mixed drink to cool her down. The waiter who brings it to her has a noticeable bulge in his shorts and looks like he knows his way around trans buttholes! She follows him into the back office and easily seduces him. Now he is facefucking her and fucking her ass bareback as she delights in the feeling of getting dicked down properly

Released: 10/23/2023

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Turned Into A Good Pet

Christian is a normal businessman that takes phone calls and gets things done. The only difference is that part of the scenery around his workspace is the submissive sissy pet he trained. Clarice Darling used to work in the office, but once Christian submitted him, feminized him, and trained him to be a good girl...well now life exists entirely to be Clarice and do what she is told. And she does this extremely well as she has learned to take his cock inside her sissy pussy with ease!

Released: 10/20/2023

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trans validation

Courtney Kahx has always dreamed about being a porn star. She is miserable doing her normal 9 to 5 job each week. So when she gets a chance to visit Vegas, get all dolled up, and then get fucked hard...well Courtney jumps at it. Soon she is getting her ass fucked hard bareback and being tossed around the bedroom...all with a smile on her face. She now a valid porn starlet and she couldn't be happier about it and she has the sperm on her face to prove it!

Released: 10/16/2023

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Amateur Femboi Hits The Big Time

Ash Steele has been a femboi content creator on pornhub for years doing his thing and having fun. I discovered him, brought him to vegas, sat him in front of a professional makeup artist, and thrust him into the spotlight. Now Ash has become a sissy maid who loves to please a man and his cock. While she is getting fucked hard bareback her own cock gets SO hard and its an AMAZING cock! What a beautiful discovery in the sexy Ash Steele!

Released: 10/13/2023

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rubber ducks and anal sex

Christian and Sky Anthro are in a rubber duck kind of mood and when they play together...the sparks always fly! She is tall and thin and perfect and loves sucking cock and getting assfucked. After he oils her up, its time to take control of her bubble butt as he pounds her into submission.

Released: 10/09/2023

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