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Home Is In Your Arms

A woman, Penny Barber, is nervously excited as she prepares her home for the return of her wife, Kasey Kei, an officer in the military who has been overseas on duty. When Kasey finally arrives, they embrace romantically and enjoy each others presence, clearly having missed each other dearly. The mood shifts when Penny frets once she notices a small scar on Kaseys beautiful face, causing her to start to worry about Kaseys well-being while shes away. But Kasey calms her down, appreciating Pennys concern. Kasey assures Penny that now that shes home and in Pennys arms, shes safe and sound, which leads to an emotional and sensual encounter as they pick up where they left off.

Released: 2024-05-15

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4 | 08m23s

Mistress An Li - Chopped Into A Sissy


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Shy Femboys Upskirt Peek Invites Creampie

A shy femboy, Dane JackSon, is wearing a cute long sweater and white stockings. He tries to get his boyfriend (Enzo Muller)s attention but Enzo is too distracted by his cellphone. That is, of course, until Dane starts pulling up the bottom of his sweater, showing off the fact that hes not wearing any panties. Quickly enough, Dane has Enzos undivided attention... The now NOT-so-shy Dane drops to his knees and begins the sexy session by blowing Enzo, getting his dick nice and wet. Then he bends over and Enzo pounds his cute ass, all while Dane still wears his pretty stockings. To top it all off, Enzo gives him a lovely creampie, leaving Dane nice and full.

Released: 2024-02-25

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Courier Crush

Kasey Kei is a beautician who has her own spa business. She answers the door and sees Cliff Jensen, a courier who regularly delivers supplies to the spa. Kasey invites him inside to set the boxes down, and chats with him a bit. Though it may seem purely platonic at first glance, there are subtle hints that the two of them are attracted to one another and that they are subtly flirting. At one point, however, Cliff announces that hes been relocated to a different route, so this might actually be the last time they see each other. The conversation takes a melancholy turn, as it becomes clear that both of them arent too happy about the idea of never seeing each other again. Knowing this might be her last chance, Kasey confesses that she was hoping to ask him out one day. Upon hearing this, Cliff perks up, admitting that he felt the same way, but didnt want to come off as inappropriate since shes at work. Kasey chuckles, saying she was worried about the same thing - she didnt want to bother HIM while he was working! But since hes completed his final delivery here... hes not TECHNICALLY Kaseys delivery guy ANYMORE, right? Cliff cant argue with that logic, and they happily come together for a kiss.

Released: 2024-03-02

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The Sissy Maid Process

He discovered him one day and decided to make him his pet sissy project. Soon he had a female name - Quinn Tesla - and was on her way to being the perfect sissy maid. Its a process where she needed to be submitted, trained, feminized, and completely transformed. This is the step where Quinn learns to be the perfect cocksleeve for him to fulfill all of his sexual needs and desires while being as feminine as possible.

Released: May 3, 2024

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Housewifes Handy Helper

Ember Fiera is on the phone chatting with her husband, who is away on a business trip. Ember tells her husband that she misses him but that shes fine, especially now that the home renovations theyve been planning for AGES are finally underway. She thanks her husband for recommending SUCH a good handyman, Tony Sting, saying that hes doing GREAT work in their home right now. However, Tony isnt actually working on any type of home repairs at the moment... Instead, hes sucking on Embers cock! The brazen encounter clearly turns Ember on as she continues chatting to her clueless husband while Tony silently pleasures her. She throws in cheeky innuendos throughout, thrilled to be playing with fire even if she almost gets burned once or twice. But finally, she lets her chatty and oblivious husband go so that she can focus her complete attention on her VERY handy handyman.

Released: 2024-04-27

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Hi, I'm Asian Ladyboy Kim. The thing I love most sexually is getting fucked while I'm fucking someone else. Would you please bend me over and shove your cock into my hot trans asshole? But don't forget about my tasty trans girlie cock! Get on your knees and get me hard with your mouth! Take my cock and suck me off before getting me on my knees and giving me a cum facial.

Released: Apr 24, 2024

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Futa Evil Dead Rise

Lia Lin is in her lab, business as usual while performing some of the experiments on bones late at night. She loves forensics but her “guest” on the table nearby, Valentina Nappi, is soon going to wake up from her eternal sleep. The whole room starts to tremble, lights flickering, and sinister voices filling in the room’s silence as Lia shakes from the dread that courses through her body. The same dread that has possessed Valentina’s body and made her alive again. Lia goes to check, half-expecting something to go wrong with Valentina. She slides the curtain, only to find her completely gone from the cold metal desk. In the blink of an eye, Valentina appears behind her, and without a word bends the skinny scientist over the same table where she was laying just moments ago. Lia feels Valentina’s new futanari cock growing as it rips through the white sheets that cover the bottom half of her body. The newly-risen zombie futa brutally slams her dick in Lia’s pussy, and starts pounding it instantly. She growls and groans like a brute while delivering the pounding of Lia’s life right at her workplace. Then the newly-risen evil deal Valentina makes Lia kneel before that big futa cock. Valentina holds her head still while throatfucking the skinny ebony babe without mercy, and delivering an oral creampie that fills up Lia’s mouth. Valentina, however, is far from done, and she won’t stop until Lia is delivered more cumshots, and even a little surprise at the end. Read Less

Released: April 4, 2024

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Thick TS Genesis Green Anal Destroyed By Kai Bailey

Thick trans Genesis Green wanted to surprise her lover Kai Bailey, by keeping his home tidy and clean. That kind of commitment needs to be rewarded with a big dick and hard fucking!

Released: 03/10/2024

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Submissive Aphrodite Adams Anal Fucked By Asian TS Aerie Rei

Submissive busty trans Aphrodite Adams is seduced and dominated by naughty Asian TS Aerie Rei, who craves to fill her mouth with warm, sticky cum!

Released: 08/29/2022

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172 | 19m49s

The Treatment

Lia Lin is a curious lab assistant who finds herself wandering into a secret laboratory. She starts looking around, but she is interrupted by Dr. Jadilica, the head of the lab, who suddenly appears just behind her. Lia gets nervous and starts asking questions, but instead of answering, Jadilica simply smiles and takes a swig from a bottle of strange liquid. After drinking, Jadilica begins her futa transformation right before her eyes. With her hard futa cock, Jadilica wastes no time and starts banging the petite intruder in her lab. Moaning fills the whole room as Lia is getting fucked hard, until she is covered in warm, sticky cum. Read Less

Released: March 23, 2024

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Hot Couple Fucks Their Submissive Trans Maid

His beautiful trans girlfriend Treasure Barbiee gets home from shopping and looks DYNAMITE (as she always does). As they are talking, their maid is the beautiful trans Hawaiian Kat Barbiee who is there to do whatever they wish. She orders Kat to suck his cock and soon they are all jumbled together as he fucks them both bareback. They love dick so much and this threesome is both energetic and passionate! Treasure is a true superstar and Kat is an up and coming starlet

Released: February 19, 2024

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Detention Ascension

Nicole Doshi and Blake Blossom are in detention, apparently all over a guy, as it goes with schoolgirls. However, it seems that Blake has struck a nerve by calling Nicole a “Lesbo”, to which she snaps and curses Blake to grow a big dick. Mere moments later, Blake’s body begins to rumble, and indeed a massive cock starts growing in her pants. It’s so big that her jeans can’t contain it, they rip in the middle, releasing her futa cock out in the open. Not only has Blake gained a new appendage, but she also gained new confidence, a hunger, as if that cock is guiding her whole body and mind. This is what Nicole wanted, after all, to get fucked by Blake. She slowly approaches her friend and commands her to get down on her knees and stroke that futa cock. And as if dark magic is guiding her hands, Nicole wraps them around Blake’s cock and starts jerking her off. Blake then demands that she sucks her off, and once again, Nicole’s actions are not her own, her head gets closer to the futanari cock, and her lips wrap around it. However, Blake has much more in mind, she wants to bend Nicole over the table and fuck her tight pussy, and she’s going to do exactly that, and much more. Read Less

Released: February 17, 2024

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Annalise Rose 2

Hot Asian ladyboy Annalise Rose is a housekeeper who has had enough. Instead of cleaning up another mess she decides to get even and make a mess of her own. Annalise quickly gets out of her sexy maid uniform and takes a hold of her trans girl cock and begins to stroke until she has a mess of her own. As long as she's naked she might as well have some fun and puts her big cute Asian ass in the air for you to fill up. Instead of a mint on the pillow, Annalise leaves a plate of her delicious trans cum.

Released: Feb 07, 2024

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Sinful Temptation

Clara Trinity is a humble nun, trying to live a life of purity, but lately she has been struggling with some dirty thoughts. She is praying for strength to resist the temptation and her prayers have been heard… But she gets something different than she expected! As soon she falls asleep, an extremely hot nun appears in her dream, Chloe Temple! And the only way to cleanse her body from the lust is to give herself in to her futa transformation and let her sinful thoughts prevail… Read Less

Released: December 22, 2023

    User Rating   5.00