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Collard Slim Student Loves Sex

LadyboyObsession episode 129 with Kitty. One of the most hard work up and comers, Kitty is back for another video. I can't believe how lucky I am to get to spend time with her and make videos together, I mean, if we were in the U.S. or somewhere in Europe, there'd be no way I could see her this often but due to the sheer number ladyboys I get the chance to call Kitty up, unlike Mos, Kitty isn't hiding out in a far away location with a much smaller selection of girls so I enjoy it while it lasts.

Released: May 15, 2024

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3 | 44m03s

Tropical Bikini ATM Bareback Cumeating 4K

Lita wants to welcome you to Thailand for a bareback lovefest, ending in her swallowing a Farang's sticky load of spunk. Lita's curvy Ladyboy bod looks incredible in her tropical string bikini. Out pour Lita's hanging breasts and dark nipples as she strokes her beautiful cock. Juicy close-ups from underneath of Lita's cock dangling right in your face. Lita unbuttons the fly of a POV Farang's jeans and she rubs her girl-cock again the man's in slippery frottage action. Lita drops to her knees and worships the hairy balls and crotch of the guy with her mouth. Lita suckles the balls and slurps the erect shaft. With the dick wet with her spit Lita bends over and her bikini bottoms pulled aside for buttplug penetration. A glass buttplug stretches the insides of Lita's lovely sphincter as she gives a pleasureful blowjob. The man goes from ass to mouth giving Lita a taste of her sweet ass. It's time for hot skin-on-skin bareback and the man lines his throbbing meat up to Lita's hairless back-pussy. The Farang's meat penetrates Lita and she strokes her hard cock in bliss. The dirty sex session has Lita close to orgasm and she jerks off onto the man's hairy cumstick. Lita spurts a healthy load of sticky nectar all over and licks it off. The POV guy is ready to cum too and Lita milks the contents of the guys ballsack into her hungry mouth. Lita swallows it down with a gulp, then happily goes into the shower for the two to shower and spend a few more intimate moments together. Experience Lita only on LadyboyGold Network.

Released: May 11, 2024

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Fit Femboy Rear Painted Bareback Cumblast 4K

Kimmy is looking fantastic as she gets ready for bed but she is not tired. She moves seductively against the wall and turns around to show you that tight little Thai ass and those little black panties. You just know she wants your cock and you are going to give her exactly that. She hops up on the bed and gives you that look from over her shoulder as she plays with her ass and is telling you with her eyes alone that she wants you to take her. Kimmy notices that you are getting bigger in your pants and her own girl cock starts to grow under those panties. She takes it out and starts to stroke it and does not mind one bit when you take over for her. Getting on her hands and knees she spreads those long legs wide so you can fill her up with all the toys you brought, she just loves that you are teasing her and making her wait for a real cock. You finally allow her to taste your cock as she gets between your legs and sucks and licks your fully erect surprise for her. She already has her panties off by now and excitedly drops that sweet ass right on your bareback throbbing tool and begins to ride. She lies on her back and those big black eyes are yearning for your cock and this look is making you want to explode deep inside but before you can she shoots her girl cum knowing you were about to blow inside of her. You take her from behind and continue to pump her raw and slide your hands into her hair and along your back before you need to shoot your sticky cum. Kimmy has really turned you on and you just want to see how much cum she has managed to get out of you as you totally spray her back like a huge splash of paint. Taking your finger, you swirl some of your jizz on the tip to feed Kimmy her reward for being such a hottie in the sack before she prances off happily into the shower.

Released: May 4, 2024

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Back from Japan PJs Bareback

LadyboyObsession episode 128 with Lily. Lily, who has unfortunately announced she will quit porn soon because of her boyfriend, had just returned from a sponsored visit to Japan. Part of me had hoped she would have travelled there to shoot some JAV movies but another part of me is like, no, it's better if I remain the one person she makes videos with. Unfortunate she isn't as horny as she used to be back during out first few encounters but she remains one of the prettiest girls to ever grace the ladyboy porn scene. Enjoy it while it lasts gentlemen, this fish is caught and being reeled in.

Released: May 1, 2024

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6 | 1h30m30s

Kinky Mouth Piss Ass Breeding Massage 4K

Dirty Massage episode 37 with Nansy. Three cumshots with pissing. Big ass Nansy is played with, gaped and breed in a long, kinky dirty massage session, ending with both her ends dripping hot sperm! Nansy is the perfect kind of Ladyboy. Eager for everything, passionate about satisfying her lovers and herself. Nansy simply loves sex and the attentions of men and it shows. The session starts with Nansy parading her glorious bod in heels and revealing lingerie. Nansy pulls the flimsy material aside and displays her puckered backdoor. Nansy needs cock and drops to her knees to service a waiting erection. Her big, flat tongue wraps around the meat and her lips massage the shaft. Nansy deep throats with glee and laps greedily at the mans balls and asshole. The two go into bed next and Nansy presents her bubble buns and anus for the man's pleasure. She inhales deeply and her asshole is filled with bareback cock and various buttplugs. Nansy is fucked missionary with hot views from above and below. The dick pulls out of Nansy's sweet ass and fed to her for an ATM blowjob. Nansy snakes her tongue into the man's asshole as he sits on her pretty face. A long strand of latex anal beads slides deeply into her willing sphincter, then more plunging of throbbing bareback dick. Nansy takes another messy sniff and the man unloads a week's worth of sperm inside her gaping backdoor. The messy sperm is inserted again and again, with the remainder fed to insatiable Nansy. Plenty of close-ups of Nansy dripping goo from her breeding hole. Nansy isn't finished yet with the guy and wants to completely drain the man's balls. With her anus stuffed with a creampie she changes her outfit into a dark green babydoll with no panties. She wants to give a massage to the guy until he's ready for round 2. Nansy has the man lay face down and gives a wonderful massage. Her strong hands and touch of her soft skin are just what the guy needs. Nansy rubs the man and plays with the man's ass, dipping her face between the cheeks and licking the guys rosebud. She expertly grinds and glides, and all girls should take a lesson from Nansy in pleasuring men. Nansy hasn't cum and her erection rubs against the man's hole. She takes the lead and lubes and penetrates the man with her cute cock. Nansy is so horny she explodes all over the guy's cock and devours her own cum juice. The guy is raging hard and wants to feed Nansy seed. He brings his cock to Nansy's mouth and unleashes a HUGE cumshot down her throat and on her face. Nansy loves being used as a slut and swallows every drop. She's still thirsty and goes into the shower. The man watches Nansy shower and pisses right into Nansy's mouth. Nansy opens her mouth wide and takes it all. With the man drained of all his sperm and piss Nansy smiles and brings this scalding Dirty Ladyboy Massage episode to a close. Only on the LadyboyGold Network.

Released: April 27, 2024

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Roses Are Red Bareback Slave 4K

LadyboyObsession episode 127 with Emmie. I wrote a little poem to show my appreciation for Emmie, it goes a little something like this: Roses are Red, my bed sheets are blue, I am horny and now I will fuck you.. Not good? No, Emmie didn't care much for it either, I guess I'm not the poet I thought I was. Never mind that though, you didn't come here for poetry, what you did come for, hopefully, is more of the incredible Emmie, she is such a treasure, someone other than me should dedicate some time to write her something nice perhaps. Watch her in her new outfit in her new porn video on the only ladyboy network you'll ever need as long as you're not looking for the written word that is.

Released: April 15, 2024

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4 | 1h06m09s

Basketball Booty Bareback Giantress Top 4K

Plus size Ladyboy Ana slides out of her leopard print miniskirt, showers her luscious dickgirl bod and passionately tops a hairy Farang in her basketball outfit! Ana starts off the session touching up her makeup. Ana's face is beautiful to go with her big smooth curves. The man surprises Ana with a sporty outfit and Ana showers before putting it on. Ana's cock dangles and is complete shaved and quick to erection as water beads off her big buns. After dressing up and making herself pretty Ana gets into bed and plays with her tight butthole. With her thong panties aside a pink, bushy-tail buttplug fits snugly inside Ana's anal passage. The man strokes Ana's oily cock and feeds his meat to her. Ana slides every inch of Farang cock down her silky gullet. The two cocks rub together in slippery frottage and the man slides up Ana's bareback backside. Ana tastes the cock in an ass-to-mouth blowjob as the man explodes her deep, soft holes. Doggystyle and missionary fucking together as the man pounds into Ana with salacious urgency. Ana strokes her herself and caresses the man inside her. Ana tastes the man's cock more and now wants her turn. She slurps on the man's dick then lines her thick meat to the guy's unprotected bottom. Ana glides inside the hairy hole with her bareback cumstick and uses her weight to hold the man down for her pleasure. Ana pounds into the guy missionary position until she ERUPTS multiple jets of spunk all over the guy's body. With her balls emptied and satisfied, Ana lowers her mouth the guy's cock as he jerks off into Ana's mouth. The guy cums and Ana greedily devours the sticky sperm from the guy's pubes and shaft. The two go into the shower next and clean off together. Ana dresses back up in her sexy miniskirt and brings this original LadyboyGold session to a close.

Released: April 11, 2024

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Red Sexy Bodysuit, Braces Strong Anal Desire 4K

Spoy is excited to show you her sexy red lingerie and of course you head on over to see her. When you arrive at the hotel room, she looks incredible with her braces smile, big boobs and her toys all over the bed. Looks like she wants a lot more than to just show you her new sexy outfit, she wants to play! She starts with her butt plug as she pushes it in to the end while playing with her nipples and always keeping an eye on you to make sure you are enjoying the show before she shoves that bigger dildo into her ass. It may not be your cock but she is surely thinking that it soon will be and by the bulge in your pants she knows what you want next. You undress and your cock is out and throbbing as she slides on over on the bed to grab your shaft with her slender hand and begins to suck your precum dripping cock. She is semi hard when she gets the lube to take your raw cock but you are happy to see that she gets rock hard almost instantly when you push in that hot ass bareback. No need to take off that lingerie it looks incredible on her and there are lots of welcoming holes in the outfit to push your cock deep inside and her cock has already busted out and flopping about as she bounces up and down in pure excitement. Moving her in many positions from her hands and knees to on her back you continue to keep all your inches deep inside of her and she can't hold it anymore and damn this ladyboy has one fantastic cumshot that blows out of that thick cock and striking her tits and all over her stomach. Back on her hands and knees she goes as you continue to go in as deep as you can go. Pulling out and shooting a sticky mess all over that ass. Spoy reaches around to feel your warm sperm on her booty and even pushes it towards her asshole, she is surely thinking next time she wants you to just shoot it all inside but let's leave that until the second meeting. Off to the shower she goes as you follow her with the camera to watch that mouthwatering body all lathered up with soap, she is a keeper and you will be seeing her again, soon!

Released: April 4, 2024

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16 | 1h47m38s

Short Hair Chocolate 4x Kinky Spunk Massage 4K

Dirty Massage episode 36 with Jina. Four cumshots. Plenty of hot sperm in this smokin' hot bareback massage as Jina and a guy each unload their balls 2x each! The session starts with Jina in bed, fondling the bulge in her yellow panties and titties. Jina licks her lips and strokes her beautiful dark cock. Jina bends over and with panties pulled aside shows off the smoothest, tightest butthole you'll ever see. Jina uses long anal beads to stretch her rectum and rubs her cock against the POV's in frottage action. The POV's cock swings to Jina's face and she eagerly licks at the flavors of their mixing meat. Jina wildly strokes her cock and drags her tongue around the balls and asshole of the man. Man-ass is planted right onto Jina's mouth for deep rimming. The guy takes his spit-soaked dick and presses the bare tip against Jina's winker. Jina's asshole is split open and gaping in pleasure. Jina needs to piss and goes into the shower for a kinky show. A rainbow of golden piss sprays wildly, all over Jian's fit body and onto the guys cock. Jina licks it all off and jerks herself while worshipping the man's rod. The two go back into bed and Jina's is lost in cock lust. Sniffing and tasting the man's dick drives Jina wild. Jina's ready to cum while playing with the man's dick. Big strings of sperm erupt from Jina's girl-dick onto the man's cock. With fresh cum dripping from the man's cock Jina sucks it off. Sperm is Jina's favorite meal and she loves satisfying her lovers. Jina lays back as the waves of her orgasm subside and her asshole is penetrated by a glass buttplug. The man caresses her feet and looking at her gazing backdoor is heaven. The guy slides his bareback dick back into Jina's smooth, tight hole. Hot views from the top and bottom as the guy wonderfully wrecks Jina's anus, bathing it with a hot creampie. It's an incredible sight seeing all that spunk leak from Jina's well fucked pleasure-pouch. It's massage time now! Jina gives the face-down guy a hot oil massage. Her slim fingers glide over every inch of the Farang's body. As Jina massages the man she gets horny again. She strokes her cock whole touching the man, especially the man's asshole, cock and balls. Jina dives back into the man's asshole, smashing her face into the man's ass for a ultra hot rimjob. After the long ass-eating session Jina has the man turn over for 69 action. The two taste each others naughty bits, then Jina's cock is given a footjob in a POV view. Jina licks the man's toes and is ready to cum again. Jina drains the rest of her balls by cumming again on the man's cock. The man is so turned on he erupts too, spunking all over Jina's pretty dick. Their sperm beautifully swirls together and fed to Jina. With both of them completely satisfied with the raunchy dirty massage Jina goes into the shower to clean off. It's an incredible view of Jina's lovely, lean dark body glistening with water. Jina pisses again in the shower and brings this special Ladyboy Dirty Massage session to a finale. Experience the one-and-only Jina exclusively on the LadyboyGold Network.

Released: March 27, 2024

    User Rating   5.00

Fuckdoll Breeding in a Girlfriend Dress 4K

Gorgeous Paula is fully gaped with open hole breeding in this kinky creampie episode. Paula's dressed in a sexy girlfriend dress and no panties. Wearing yellow heels and red sparkly stockings, Paula dances around to one of her favorite songs. With no panties on Paula sways her hips and shakes her buns to the beat. Hot upskirt views of Paula's dangling cock and balls and lovely smile. Paula is on the hunt for cock and drops to her knees in front of a POV guy. She unzips the man's fly and fishes for her meal. Out pops the man's erect meat and Paula devours her favorite meal. Paula gives a blowjob, then takes off the man's pants for full access to the underside of the Farang's cum-full nutsack. Paula takes off the jeans then the man's socks. Her mouth cleans the man's feet, licking soles and sucking on the man's hairy toes. Paula provides the full service; sliding her tongue deeply into the man's asshole and gives a heavenly rimjob. Insatiable Paula wants the feeling that only comes from bare cock and slinks into bed face-down-ass-up. Her skirt is bunched up above her hips and fuckhole winking as it yearns for more and more dick. Paula's tight ass starts to open, and she takes a sniff to relax even more. The dick slides in and out of Paula's gaping hole and fed to her in ass-to-mouth cocksucking. Views from above and below as Paula's backdoor dilates for pleasure. Whenever Paula's hole isn't filled with bareback dick she's stuffed with anal toys. Paula lays on her back with her heels high in the air. She inhales deeply, relaxing her precious winker to accept anything deeply in her rectum. The man pounds into Paula's luscious shitter, making her orgasm build from the prostrate rubbing. She jerks her cock and spurts a creamy, yummy load from her uncut cock. Paula's foreskin is a reservoir of sweetness and she licks her own juices. The man keeps slamming her perfect bottom as Paula lays back in ecstasy. Paula holds open her buns, exposing her asshole fully to the plunging dick. The man pulls out and explodes a huge cumshot up her gaped rear. The dick pushes in the sperm fully breeding Paula's bottom. The man pulls his cum-slimy cock from Paula's anus and stuffs in a rainbow dildo to keep her open. Sperm and sexy ass juices cover the toy and the man's dick and are both fed to Paula. She licks them both clean and swallows all the remains. To finish the session, follow this amazing fuckdoll to the shower and see her long-legged, showgirl body glistening in the shower. Experience Paula in kinky bareback bliss only on LadyboysFuckedBareback and the LadyboyGold Network.

Released: March 19, 2024

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Braces Sperm Taste All Natural Fem Bareback 4K

Snack is a stunning slender Pattaya bombshell and she is greeting you with that big smile and that sweet dress that almost seems painted on her body it is so tight. She bats her eyes with those big eyelashes as she slides her glass dildo up and down her long soft legs before pulling down those panties and revealing her sweet girl cock. She wants you to play with her ass and enjoys fingering her nipples on her little hormone boobs as you push all sorts of toys in her from behind. She is surely already using her wild imagination on what you will do soon with your hard cock when you put the toys away. Biting her lower lip and giving you that look that she wants at your cock now she gets between your legs and slowly begins to use her hot mouth to make you hard enough for her to sit on you raw. Her ladyboy cock grows with every inch that you put inside of her and she begins to bounce and flop while you pump her from below with your bareback cock. She loves not using condoms because she can really feel all of you inside of her and you equally love it as you get that added amazing sensation that the condom takes away. You put her in all sorts of positions from doggystyle to lying on her back before she drops to her knees. Looking up with you with those big eyes and stroking your cock with her small hands she can't wait to see your cum explode all over her. Finally, you can't hold your sticky jizz in any longer and shoot it over those little tits. The look in her eyes was just too much because you could tell she wanted your cum so much. In fact, you decide to swirl your finger on her cum drenched nipples and feed her some of your sticky sweetness that Snack gladly licks up and swallows before this stunning ladyboy heads into the shower to soap up that incredible brown Thai skin. She dries off with her towel and surely will be back on your bed for a second run hot dirty sweet sex.

Released: March 4, 2024

    User Rating   5.00

Bite Down on a Bit For Raw Punishment

LadyboyVice episode 236 with Koko. Sometimes you have a rough day at work. You arrive late. The last person that took coffee didn't make new coffee. Your boss is yelling at you trying to make something look like it's your fault while it isn't. Your colleague is bragging about the sweet pussy he scored the night before, the care won't start and it is freezing cold. What can a man do? What I do, and I promise you it works, I suck it all up, mark the date of departure to a far away and with a nice big circle and pack some things to play with and punish horny ladyboys to release the frustration. See Koko being the next in line to help me release the built up anger in this newest video. Watch her receiving some spanking and my dick in her ass with no condom. It's good to be back.

Released: February 23, 2024

    User Rating   5.00

Slutty Dance Ravenous Creampie Feeding 4K

Lyn shows she's one of the kinkiest girls around, cleaning her ass juices and sticky sperm off a Farang's dick after her deep breeding! Lyn starts off dancing in a slutty sheer miniskirt. Her toned thin legs strut and big tits bounce to entice lovers. Lyn's dick swings wildly and her flimsy g-string panties show her beautifully stretchy anus. Lyn crawls into bed ass up and still wearing her heels. Her butthole prize is wide and ready to be played with. Fingers probe her bottom and slick bareback dick enters Lyn's easy backdoor. Lyn is played with proper with frottage and all sorts of anal toys. Anal beads snake deeply into her her rectum and an attached cock-ring firmly holds her rod. The Farang's bare dick slides back in and then a vibrating purple buttplug enters her and keeps her plugged. Lyn takes every opportunity to suck the guys dick when it's not inside her ass. She loves slurping on musky, dirty cocks that are flavored from her slutty asshole. Lyn is fucked more then wants to try a giant black buttplug. She bites down and slides the fat toy deep inside her bowels. After fucking her asshole it's a gaping, glorious messy ready for all cocks and cum. Plenty of close-ups of her wide open hole. Lyn's winking gazing hole is pounded more by the horny guy. Lyn's fucked missionary with views from above and below of her pink backdoor slammed by raw Farang meat. Lyn's ready to cum, and impales herself cowgirl on the man and strokes her meat. Lyn explodes her load all over the guy's hairy belly. Still catching her breath, Lyn submissively laps all her sticky sperm from the guys sperm-matted hair. Lyn trails her tongue to the man's asshole and deeply eats it. She loves the smell and tongue punches the man's butthole as deep as she can. Lyn devilishly slides her fingers up the man's asshole while giving a blowjob. She's an expert at finding the prostrate and can feel the man's orgasm building. She's ready for breeding and lays back with her heels high in the air. Her tiny buns reveal her nicely open asshole. The guy loves the sight too and explodes, unloading multiple jets of hot cum inside her seasoned anus. The sperm is pushed inside more by the plunging dick. With the cock covered in cum and ass juice it's fed to Lyn. She greedily cleans off all the tasty sex sauce and swallows it all. Lyn laps at the dick like a happy kitty cat. Then it's off to the shower to see her incredible fit body, complete with flexing abs in the shower. Lyn pisses on herself and gives you a big smile. Lyn is ready and waiting for you, only on LadyboysFuckedBareback and the LadyboyGold Network.

Released: February 19, 2024

    User Rating   5.00

Street Hooker Bareback Quickie

LadyboyObsession episode 123 with Fa. One of the dirtiest girls I've ever met has to be Fa. She has such a dirty mind and is fearless. I had contacted her just an hour ago. We had never met and she came over and let me cuff her and enter her ass bareback no questions asked. I know it's stupid, but sometimes you take unnecessary risks. Don't get me wrong, I don't do it often, I fear diseases as much as the next guy, but sometimes the excitement is too much. We planned on using a condom but she told me to fuck her without after she had sucked me while cuffed and she felt horny as can be. The video is red, not because she is carrying diseases, I don't know about that because we didn't test, but because you need to be careful with this one to not let her seduce you into making dumb mistakes no matter how exciting things get.

Released: February 15, 2024

    User Rating   5.00

Big Tits on a Skinny Frame Bareback

LadyboyVice episode 235 with Madonna. Madonna is back with a few upgrades, she had saved up to buy a pair of tits and a new nose, she even had her back tattoo done up a bit. She really takes care of the way she looks and I am always so happy when I get to hang out with her. She seemed to have missed me too because after licking and sucking on my cacao for aw while she sat on it and slipped it in without a rubber, what a great surprise, she asked me to make her pregnant, I knew that was a long shot but I told her I'd try. Watch Madonna in her new video only here on Ladyboy Vice.

Released: February 8, 2024

    User Rating   5.00