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Silver Bikini Bareback Debutante


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Precious Backdoor Bathed with Sperm 4K

One look at little Itim in her ying/yang bikini will have your cock doing all the thinking for you! Itim shakes her little buns to her favorite song, then comes to bed for a hard barebacking session! Itim finishes her dance and gets into bed to pleasure the waiting Farang erection. Her gorgeous face focuses on the meat and her braces mouth engulf the throbbing cocktip. Itim is the perfect fuckdoll and licks the mans balls and asshole, wetting the shaft with generous amounts of dripping spit. Itim strokes her cute girl-cock while servicing the older guy. Itim knows all men want inside her precious little bottom and instinctively presents her little backdoor for cock. The man pours lube on the tiny wrinkled opening and rubs his cocktip against the unprotected hole. The hard cock pushes past the ultra snug opening and down Itim's anal tunnel. Itim's little hole is battered doggystyle with views form beneath. The guy has Itim turn over and anal toys are used to pry her tender fuckhole open. Buttplugs and probes enter Itim as both cocks rub together in sensual frottage. The man has Itim taste his meat while she jerks off. Her long purple manicured nails grip her rod, and her petite feet skyward to expose her asshole. Itim is so turned on that she explodes uncontrollable, with the man using his cock to scoop up her sticky, delicious juices. The girl juices are presented to Itim and she devours her own jizz. Itim takes a sniff and her backdoor relaxes for more barebacking from the Farang's meat. She's fucked like the submissive little darling she is, her butthole now winking and gaping in anticipation of cum. The guy can feel her anal passage squeeze his bare dick and unloads inside and all over Itim's perfect anus. The dick reinserts, breeding her insides with warm cum. Itim can feel the cum bath inside her sphincter and loves the feeling of men cumming inside her. Itim makes sure to show off her trained, extremely sperm-messy butthole in hot close-ups. Next is off to the shower to clean up this incredible babe and her looking forward to her next adventure with older guys. Enjoy Itim in incredible bareback action, only on LadyboysFuckedBareback and the LadyboyGold Network.

Released: November 19, 2023

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Dont Quit Hot CWF Slippery Frottage Barebacking 4K

Two cumshots. Cute, short-haired ladyboy Touk is by the the bedside in a tank top and workout shorts. The POV reaches for her nipples over her shirt and then checks out her big ass. He lifts up her shirt on the bed and teases her nipples and then strokes her big hard cock over her shorts. Next, Touk strokes her cock and then bends over. The POV pulls down Touk's shorts and licks her ass-pussy. Next, Touk kisses the POV's body all over and sucks on his nipples. She sucks his balls and then strokes and sucks his cock. Then she rims his asshole and goes back to sucking his cock again. Touk then rides the POV cock cowgirl. After riding him, the POV frots with her on her back, sucks her nipples, and kisses her. The POV slides his bare cock into Touk's asshole again and fucks her on her back. Then he turns her over and fucks her on her knees. Next, Touk sucks his cock on her knees. Then he fucks her on her back until she cums. He then strokes and shoots his load while frotting with her. Touk is covered with sticky spunk and brings this hot LadyboysFuckedBareback episode to a close. Only on the LadyboyGold Network.

Released: November 4, 2023

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Long Legs Hung Femboy CIM Barebacking 4K

Two cumshots. Femboy Katie's LONG COCK explodes in a sticky orgasm from bareback penetration, then milks the meat of a virile Farang to a creamy completion. Katie's slender legs look great in her black dress. Lifting her skirt you can see Katie's white panties bulging with Ladyboy cock that needs to be satisfied. Katie's impressive cock swings from the side of her panties and Katie slurps on the POV's cock and balls. Katie kneels in front of the dick and gives a POV blowjob. With the cock wet from spit Katie rubs both rods together in slippery frottage. Katie tastes more of the yummy salty cock then impales her tight bottom on the north-pointing cock. She bounces cowgirl on the big dick, her own cock swelling with pleasure as the dick stretches her anal tunnel and touches her prostrate. Katie takes a short break in the middle to penetrate herself with a glass anal toy while stroking her cock. The man slides back into Katie missionary as her orgasms builds. Multiple jets of spunk empties onto Katie's trim tummy. Still in the throws of her orgasm Katie mindlessly wraps her lips around the cock from from her asshole. Katie works the meat and submissively lifts her ass for doggystyle pounding. The man ravishes Katie, showing off her messy, well-fucked asshole between gaping strokes. The man is ready to cum and Katie brings her mouth to the cock to coax out the load. The man spurts into Katie's lips and the licks the nut-protein from her slender fingers. Afterwards go into the shower with Katie to clean off and get a full view of her pristine Femboy body. Only on LadyboysFuckedBareback and the LadyboyGold Network.

Released: October 19, 2023

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Skinny Creampie Workout Facesitting Sperm 4K

Two cumshots. Petite ladyboy Lee is arranging her hair in the mirror. The POV looks over her tight little body in her black and white workout gear. He follows her to the bed where starts sucking his cock. He lies down for her to suck his balls and rim his ass as well. Next, the guy gets up on top of Lee and fucks her ass from behind. Then the POV fucks her on her side. Lee then rides his cock cowgirl long and hard until the POV gushes cum and slides his cock back into her hole. Afterwards, Lee sucks the POV's cock more and then rims his ass until she shoots her white load of semen onto herself. Exclusively made for you and only on LadyboysFuckedBareback.

Released: October 4, 2023

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Stewardess Club Fucked in Creampie Breeding 4K

Two cumshots. Alice, the sexy ladyboy stewardess in heels is on my bed and is all mine right now. Alice has big, soft tits and a nice smooth, curvy body. Alice rubs on her juicy tits and hard cock as though she were in heat. She then turns around and gives a nice view of her ass for me to take in. After getting me nice and hard looking over her sexy body, Alice sucks away at my cock while i stand over her. She sucks on my balls hard and releases them with a popping sound. She then lies me down and keeps sucking, licking, and does some rimming on my ass as well. Good and warmed with Alice's amazing oral talents, I lie her back and shove my bare cock into her. After fucking her on her back, Alice climbs onto my cock reverse cowgirl. She then turns around and rides my cock hard while facing me. I've never met anyone who could ride a cock so hard, passionately, and rhythmically as this girl. Once she can't take anymore anal pleasure, she lets loose an enormous load of ladyboy cum onto me and swirls it around. I then put Alice on her hands and knees and fuck her until I creampie her sweet little ass. Only on LadyboysFuckedBareback.

Released: September 19, 2023

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Rainbow Panties Big Dick Creampie 4K

Ladyboy Swan is bright and colorful in her high-waisted shorts and yellow top. Swan sits on the edge of the bed rubbing on the bulge in her shorts and then has it peek out from underneath. She pulls out her shaft and starts to give it a few tugs. Then the POV puts his cock next to hers and she frots the two together. Then Swan turns around on her hands and knees and sucks the POV cock. She pulls down her shorts and he oils up her ass and bareback fucks her from behind. Then he grabs a pink anal toy and pushes it inside her. He pulls it out of her ass and has her suck his cock ass to mouth. Then the POV lies back and Swan rims his asshole with her long swirling tongue. Swan loves the taste of asshole and makes sure to have a taste whenever she can. Swan then lies on her back and the POV fucks her until she cums. Moments later the guy shoots his sperm on Swan's ass, reinserts his cock and pushes the hot spunk back inside her.

Released: April 29, 2023

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Lanky Hung Buttslut Loin Worship Satisfied Breeding 4K

Two long cock eruptions! Tall and sexy Swan unloads with a bareback cock rubbing against her horny prostrate, and bends over for a gooey, pushed-in creampie! Swan is dressed nice and skanky in a slutty little red see-through tank top and little booty shorts. She lies back on the bed and feels her all-natural body up and down. She tugs at her nipples a little. Swan bends over and shakes her juicy ass in front of the POV and then rolls over to stroke her hard cock visible beneath her tight shorts. The POV climbs onto the bed and gives Swan his cock to suck. She takes it all in and gives his balls a good licking. Next Swan stands up and the POV goes down to suck on her big she-shaft. He then lies down for Swan to suck his cock and rim his ass. Swan straddles onto him and frots their oiled cocks together before sliding is bare shaft into her ass-pussy. Swan rides his cock in ecstasy. Next, the POV sits on Swan's face as she laps at his ass and balls. He then bends her over, oils her up and fucks her ass more. He puts Swan on her back and fucks her while stroking her cock until she's close enough to finish herself off and she explodes spunk all around. The POV bends her over once more and fucks her until a shoots on her hole and pushes his hard cock back inside, still pumping more cum into her. Only on LadyboysFuckedBareback.

Released: September 4, 2023

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Long Legs in a Sundress Creamed Winker Bareback 4K

Two cumshots. Uma can melt your heart when you look at her, in that cute pink dress and her innocent face sipping on a juice. But she's not an angel, under that gorgeous look there's a devil ready to pop her cock out and start playing in the most naughty way you can imagine. Her bent over bare ass can make your dick hard in milliseconds, but her cock sucking talents are able to make you cum twice. She also loves having her ass stretched a bit with sex toys, as a slow start before she raises her legs up and takes all the cock with no complaints, only wanting more of it inside, to feel it hard and wet, sliding as far as it can reach and making her close to cum.

Released: August 19, 2023

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Bubble Buns Bikini CWF Bareback Spermy Titty Fuck 4K

Two cumshots. Feminine bombshell ladyboy Tai is wearing a skimpy green and yellow dress and a big smile. She spreads open the top of her dress and toys with the perky nipples on her full breasts. She then straddles the POV, twerks, and grinds her big ass on him as he sucks on her tits. Next, Tai sucks the POV's cock as he stands over her on the couch. The POV then sucks her cock. She strokes her hard cock with legs spread. Next, she lies on the bed, the POV oils up, and frots their cocks together. He slides into her bareback on her back as she plays with her nipples. Tai cums while she gets fucked and the POV sucks her cock after she cums. Next, he sucks her tits some more. Tai gets on her knees and sucks his cock. Tai then shakes her big titties all around and rubs them. She gets on all fours and twerks her ass up and down and the POV licks her asshole. Then, he shoots oil up her asshole with an anal lube injector and slides his cock into her and fucks her doggie. After he fucks her, Tai oils up her tits and titty fucks him until a shoots his load on her chest. Exclusively on LadyboysFuckedBareback.

Released: August 4, 2023

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Stallion 4x Cum Perfect Bareback Massage 4K

Dirty Massage episode 26 with Nanny. Four cumshots. Hung Nanny gives the ultimate dirty barebacking massage, with the man and Nanny cumming multiple times! The episode starts with Nanny fresh from the shower. A flash of her incredible body from opening her towel and the guy forgets all about getting a massage. Nanny's horse cock is on full display, dangling and getting rockhard knowing she's going to get filthy in hot, gaping anal sex. Nanny sheens her body with slick coconut oil from head to toe making the guy wild. Nanny lays back in bed and spreads her buns wide. Her cock twitches as her butthole winks ready to be played with. The man strokes Nanny's slick dick and beads of precum emerge from her piss slit. The man touches the stringy precum and feeds it to Nanny. Their cocks are fully erect and rub together in frottage bliss. The man is so turned on his bareback dick naturally zeros in on Nanny's anal prize. The POV dick slides through Nanny's anal opening and deeply in her slippery sphincter. Nanny slowly strokes her own cock, not wanting to cum too soon from anal pleasure. The cock plunging cock is pulled from Nanny's asshole and fed to her hungry lips. Nanny gives an INCREDIBLE ass-to-mouth blowjob licking the Farang's shaft clean. The man sits on Nanny face and she hungrily eats his asshole. The man trains Nanny's backdoor with anal beads, a smooth glass toy and bareback cock making sure to let Nanny taste herself. Nanny is wild with cock lust and inhales deeply for a plugging from a black buttplug. Her asshole dilates widely letting you see inside this horse-cock angel. Nanny is on the brink of orgasm as the man pounds Nanny's receptive backdoor. She EXPLODES a huge cumshot all over her tight tummy, licking it up like a submissive kitty cat. Nanny holds her stretchy anal ring open as the man cums, her bowels flooded with multiple jets of flowing sperm. Nanny shows off her well-used back-pussy and tastes some of the anal jizz. NOW it's time for the massage! Nanny dresses in a red onesie showing off her incredible body. Nanny beckons the man into bed and gives a hot oil massage. Squeezing the bottle of oil the older man is covered completely in slickness. Nanny glides her hands, tits and long dark cock against the man. Giving the massaging gets both of them horny again. Nanny has the man turn over and feeds the man her hot throbbing meat and delicious asshole in 69 position. Nanny slurps on the man's dick and snakes her tongue over balls and man-ass. Her long painting tongue makes the man fully erect as it snakes up the guy's bum-hole. Her rimjob is divine, lapping deeply inside the puckered Farang hole making it sparkly clean. After anal-eating bliss Nanny is soon impaling her bare backside on the man's erect no-condom dick. Nanny slides in the cock and rides cowgirl, then lays back to smash her face into the man's asshole again. The man squats over Nanny's pretty face so he can get her tongue inside completely while she jerks off furiously. Dirty sex makes her wild and she LOVES it. Nanny explodes for her SECOND cumshot, painting her tan, toned tummy again with the impressive load. The man is ready to explode again and makes the FOURTH popshot of this explosive sperm session right into Nanny mouth. Both their balls are completely spent and Nanny goes into the shower to cool down. A nice view of her soaking wet and that brings this scalding hot Ladyboy Dirty Massage episode to a close, only on the LadyboyGold Network.

Released: December 6, 2022

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Raunchy Holiday Massage 2x Creampies 5x Pissing 4K

Dirty Ladyboy Massage *Special Christmas Episode* starring Lanta. Three cumshots 5 pissings. Tis' the seasons to be naughty!!!! Spend a scorching, kinky, PISSING CREAMPIE session with Lanta where she makes all your wildest Ladyboy fantasies cum true and checks off everything on Santa's "Naughty Nice List"". Lanta starts off the episode happily dancing and prancing to holiday music in a red snowflake dress and festive socks. Lanta slinks into bed and shows she isn't wearing panties underneath her dress, with clear views of her yummy cock and beautiful puffy asshole. Lanta sucks on candy anal beads as both cocks rub together in frottage. Lanta's butthole flexes and she starts pissing in excitement. The man grabs Lanta's cock and sprays her own face with hot piss. Some even hits the camera! While she's still pissing, the man thrusts his bareback cock into Lanta's winking backdoor. Views from above and below as Lanta is fucked balls deep in scorching skin-on-skin action. Lanta is rockhard and plays with her Ladyboy cumstick while her prostrate is pleasured. The POV man pulls from Lanta's anus and feeds her cock in ass-to-mouth, deep throat cocksucking. Lanta next goes face-down-ass-up in doggystyle with her flexing o-ring in full view. The man sees how many of the colorful candy anal beads can fit inside her willing shitter. The man pulls out the beds and licks Lanta's tasty butthole. Plenty of sticky precum leaks from Lanta's piss slit and a lavender butthole stretches Lanta's anal walls more. Lanta is ready to piss again, and she releases her golden juices onto the man's cock. With her asshole gaping and winking the man mounts Lanta doggystyle and pounds away as she lustily strokes her meat. Using piss as lube it's a hot view from underneath of Lanta humped like the insatiable anal slut she is. The man slides from Lanta's rear and lays back in bed. Lanta drips a little piss then sucks on the north pointing Farang erection. Lanta snakes her tongue deep in the man's asshole and slathers the sperm full balls. Lanta deep throats more, then sits her delicious asshole on the man's face in 69. Salacious close-ups of Lanta's active ass-pussy then she sits on the happy boner. Lanta bounces wildly on the bare dick, taking it balls deep while passionately jerking herself off. It's a nice view as she erupts her load, fulling her cupped hand with a big sticky load of Ladyboy spunk. Lanta licks her remaining sperm and ass juices from the throbbing Farang meat. It's time for Lanta's first breeding and she sluttily hangs her butthole off the bed, ready for a hot creampie. The man mounts her and with smooth strokes feels every soft and slick inch inside Lanta. Not being able to hold out anymore the man FLOODS Lanta's perfect anus with a gallon of hot sperm. Lanta's butthole is a messy of sticky sperm and graphically leaks out after her deep breeding. Now it's time for the massage! Lanta changes into a soft sports t-shirt and has a relaxing smoke. While smoking, Lanta pisses into a glass and tastes her own golden pee with a healthy gulp. She's beckons the man into bed and starts massaging the nude flesh of the older man. Lanta sensually massages and caresses every naked inch with slick coconut oil. Lanta has the man turn over and plants her pretty buns onto the man's face. Her recently creampied asshole is deeply rimmed, with the man tasting cum and tender anal flesh. Lanta loves having her butthole pleasured. With Lanta's anus slick with saliva she impales herself onto the man's second erection of the session. Lanta bounces up and down then licks her taste off the man's root. The man next has Lanta lay back and stuffs the colorful anal beads inside as she pisses all over her naked, glistening body. Lanta plays with the man's meat with her toes and strokes her cock. The man is so turned on by this kinky Ladyboy angel he needs to cum again. The sight of Lanta's flexing, wrinkled butthole brings a second load and the man spurts on the anal opening. While still cumming, the man slides back inside and bathes Lanta's sphincter with a second breeding from a re-insert creampie. This hot session is full of passion and the man deeply kisses Lanta in appreciation. Their saliva covered tongues swirl in delight. With everyone's nutsacks emptied in pleasure, Lanta goes into the shower for one more piss and to clean off her wild, tattooed, showgirl Ladyboy body. We thank you for being a member and fan of the LadyboyGold Network. Your support lets us make these unique and exclusive episodes just for you. We always appreciate feedback and member fantasy requests.

Released: December 22, 2022

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Fresh Fem Swallows Older Mans Spit Seed 4K

Dirty Massage episode 28 with Itim. One cumshot. Little Itim is dressed as a schoolgirl to give an oily bareback massage and sex chair ride to an older guy! Itim shows off her lithe body in a view up her green tartan miniskirt. The man can barely wait and his dick slides into Itim's cock-hungry butthole. Now its time for the massage to start. Itim pours slick coconut oil all over the man and slides her body from head to toe. Itim is a passionate girl and loves licking and kissing. She cleans the man's asshole with her tongue then has the man turn over. They 69 together and Itim bobs her pretty face on the erect cumstick. Itim's braces mouth wrap around the Farang erection. Itim rims the man and slurps on the man's full nutsack. Her little winker is ready for cock and the man lines up his bare dick and plunges balls deep inside her. Itim's eyes are rolling up inside her had as the cockhead rubs against her tender prostrate. Her mouth opens wide for kisses and spit from the man. Itim loves this dirty, wet sex and gets lost in pleasure. Next Itim goes into a sex chair to have her open, defenseless rear stuffed with hard cock. Itim is fucked in two positions and cleans off the cock between positions. She licks the man's feet and toes with tongue, painting the flesh with her saliva. The two go back into bed to feed Itim more. She strokes her cute dick while her gaze fixates on the steely POV erection. Her mouth opens and long strings of spit slide down her tongue to her throat. Itim eagerly swallows the spit and loves being used like a sex object. The man can't hold back his orgasm any longer and pumps a huge load of seed into Itim's mouth. Only a small amount shoots onto Itim's cheeks. The bulk of the load fills Itim's mouth and she eagerly swallows it. Her tummy is satisfied being full of spit and sperm. Itim goes into the shower next to put on a wet show, bringing this Dirty Ladyboy Massage session to a close. Only on the LadyboyGold network.

Released: May 23, 2023

    User Rating   5.00