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Choose a Toy and Push It Up Your TS Ass!

Leticia's decided to make her man a sexy Valentine's Day video. She sensually moves her smokin TA body in a room filled with heart-shaped balloons. Then she masterfully sucks a large dildo on a bed covered in rose petals. Showing her man what he can look forward to, she fucks her ass in every position imaginable. Her anticipation peaks, drenching herself in a downpour of cum.

Released: 6 Feb 2024

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Alice Stuffs Her Big Cock Up a Dude's Ass

Alice is an alluring, raven-haired transsexual hottie with a huge dick. She's thrilled her man has returned from touring with his band. Consumed with lusty longings, she gluttonously devours his meat-stick. Then he lights her fuse by sucking her giant prick. They take turns fucking each other, wondering if it is better to give than receive. Happy to be together, their love drips from mouth and asshole.

Released: 2 Feb 2024

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Big-Dicked Trans Newbie's Dildo Delight

When her man’s away, Alice will play. Alice is an intoxicating, raven-haired transsexual seductress, with a huge cock. Alice’s carnal cravings peak once her man leaves for work. A confirmed slut, she grabs a huge dildo to feed her lusty longings. She sensually savors sucking the silicon prick, then drills it into her gorgeous ass, vigorously stroking her massive meat stick unleashes a gusher of cum.

Released: 30 Jan 2024

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Come Here and Fuck My TS Ass!

Alice is a horny, kept Tgirl whose sugar daddy is at work. So, she calls up the building's maintenance man to scratch her sexual itch. Unable to resist this enticing seductress, he offers her his big dick. She greedily devours his meat stick. Then, he gives her the long, hard fucking she craves. He leaves her a stupendous cream pie oozing from her ass to remember him by.

Released: 26 Jan 2024

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Tgirl Helps Herself to an Orgasm

Dany is a ravishing, redheaded tranny hottie, who is a born tease. Seeing a neighbor watching her through his window, Dany decides to give him a show. Being an exhibitionist, she loves being watched. After a seductive dance, she demonstrates her oral expertise on two large dildos. She then uses them to fuck herself, while stroking her big, fat cock until she cums all over herself and the bed. Encore.

Released: 23 Jan 2024

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Bathroom Trans Fuck

Gaby’s man accuses her of cheating, demanding she come clean. But, gorgeous Gaby insists she is faithful. She seductively sways her luscious body to convince him. Seeing his interest rise, she savors sucking his enormous cock. Since he taped her, we can enjoy his POV, as if it was our dick fucking her delicious mouth and ass. Finally, he cums clean in her mouth, confessing he was teasing.

Released: 19 Jan 2024

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Gaby Toys Her Ass

Gaby is a sexually adventurous, raven-haired T-girl, with golden brown skin. Wanting to be sure she will rock the world of any man, she believes practice makes perfect. After rehearsing her seductive dance, she perfects her oral expertise, sucking a dildo. But, this makes her horny. Using a vibrating dildo, she thoroughly fucks her full, round ass. Imagining being fucked by a stud, she jacks off to an intense orgasm.

Released: 16 Jan 2024

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Transsexual Maid Service

Ananda is a tall, brunette tranny hottie, with natural tits, a firm, models body, and jumbo-sized cock. Working as a housekeeper, the homeowner can’t help stroking his cock while watching her work. Seeing she's raised his interest, she smiles and savors sucking meat stick. Unable to resist her perfect ass, he enthusiastically fucks her. To avoid another mess to clean up, they cum in each other’s mouth. Yum.

Released: 12 Jan 2024

    User Rating   5.00

Slutty New Tgirl's Sex Toy Frenzy

Ananda's foolish boyfriend cheated on her, so she dumped him. He must be a blind fool to cheat on this tall, tranny heart throb. How could anyone cheat on a bedazzling beauty with natural tits, and a huge, delicious dick? Depressed and horny, she sucks two giant dildos to feed her cravings. Then fucks her ass good, while vigorously jacking off. Her orgasm is breath taking.

Released: 9 Jan 2024

    User Rating   5.00

Worship My Huge Trans Cock!

Alice is a tall, slim transsexual tease, with natural breasts. She also has a huge dick that she could break bricks with. Alice loves inflaming her man's passions with her hot body, and humongous prick. With unbearable desire, he begs to suck her pleasure pole. Granting his wish, she lustfully fucks him senseless. Finally, she quenches his thirst with a mouthful of her sweet cum.

Released: 5 Jan 2024

    User Rating   5.00

Big-Dicked Trans Noob Gets Herself Off

A star is born. Alice is a tall, slender trans hottie with natural breasts and a huge cock. Having broken up with her stupid boyfriend, she decides to make a video to show him what he will be missing. After a sexy striptease, she grabs two dildos to fuck her pretty mouth and tight ass. Thank goodness for sweet video revenge.

Released: 2 Jan 2024

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Raunchy Room Service for Dany

Dany is a ravishing, redheaded transsexual knock out with a delicious dick. Craving a banana while staying at a hotel on a business trip, she calls room service. But, after seeing the bellboy, she wants a different kind of banana. Providing good service, he offers his cock, which she savors sucking. Wanting more, they lustfully fuck. She tips him by cumming his mouth. He repays her with a cream pie.

Released: 29 Dec 2023

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Doctor Delivers a Hand Job

Dany is a gorgeous, redheaded trans-hottie. So her ex must have lost his mind to leave her. Thankfully, an in-home medic has come to help. Being a trained professional, he realizes what she needs. His skilled hands firmly stroke her cock, and massage her prostrate. After a much needed orgasmic release, she feels much better. Brazilian healthcare is the best!

Released: 26 Dec 2023

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Gabriela's Five-on-One Gang Bang

What do you give a slender Trans-slut, with natural tits, on her birthday? A gang bang! Gabriela has dreamed of being gang banged forever. And, with her tall, model like looks, finding volunteers is easy. So, for her birthday, her friends are making her wish come true. They even treat her to a double anal. Then, adding frosting for her cake, they all leave cream pies. Dreams do come true.

Released: 22 Dec 2023

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Back With The Machine


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