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Bite Down on a Bit For Raw Punishment

LadyboyVice episode 236 with Koko. Sometimes you have a rough day at work. You arrive late. The last person that took coffee didn't make new coffee. Your boss is yelling at you trying to make something look like it's your fault while it isn't. Your colleague is bragging about the sweet pussy he scored the night before, the care won't start and it is freezing cold. What can a man do? What I do, and I promise you it works, I suck it all up, mark the date of departure to a far away and with a nice big circle and pack some things to play with and punish horny ladyboys to release the frustration. See Koko being the next in line to help me release the built up anger in this newest video. Watch her receiving some spanking and my dick in her ass with no condom. It's good to be back.

Released: February 23, 2024

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Slutty Dance Ravenous Creampie Feeding 4K

Lyn shows she's one of the kinkiest girls around, cleaning her ass juices and sticky sperm off a Farang's dick after her deep breeding! Lyn starts off dancing in a slutty sheer miniskirt. Her toned thin legs strut and big tits bounce to entice lovers. Lyn's dick swings wildly and her flimsy g-string panties show her beautifully stretchy anus. Lyn crawls into bed ass up and still wearing her heels. Her butthole prize is wide and ready to be played with. Fingers probe her bottom and slick bareback dick enters Lyn's easy backdoor. Lyn is played with proper with frottage and all sorts of anal toys. Anal beads snake deeply into her her rectum and an attached cock-ring firmly holds her rod. The Farang's bare dick slides back in and then a vibrating purple buttplug enters her and keeps her plugged. Lyn takes every opportunity to suck the guys dick when it's not inside her ass. She loves slurping on musky, dirty cocks that are flavored from her slutty asshole. Lyn is fucked more then wants to try a giant black buttplug. She bites down and slides the fat toy deep inside her bowels. After fucking her asshole it's a gaping, glorious messy ready for all cocks and cum. Plenty of close-ups of her wide open hole. Lyn's winking gazing hole is pounded more by the horny guy. Lyn's fucked missionary with views from above and below of her pink backdoor slammed by raw Farang meat. Lyn's ready to cum, and impales herself cowgirl on the man and strokes her meat. Lyn explodes her load all over the guy's hairy belly. Still catching her breath, Lyn submissively laps all her sticky sperm from the guys sperm-matted hair. Lyn trails her tongue to the man's asshole and deeply eats it. She loves the smell and tongue punches the man's butthole as deep as she can. Lyn devilishly slides her fingers up the man's asshole while giving a blowjob. She's an expert at finding the prostrate and can feel the man's orgasm building. She's ready for breeding and lays back with her heels high in the air. Her tiny buns reveal her nicely open asshole. The guy loves the sight too and explodes, unloading multiple jets of hot cum inside her seasoned anus. The sperm is pushed inside more by the plunging dick. With the cock covered in cum and ass juice it's fed to Lyn. She greedily cleans off all the tasty sex sauce and swallows it all. Lyn laps at the dick like a happy kitty cat. Then it's off to the shower to see her incredible fit body, complete with flexing abs in the shower. Lyn pisses on herself and gives you a big smile. Lyn is ready and waiting for you, only on LadyboysFuckedBareback and the LadyboyGold Network.

Released: February 19, 2024

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Street Hooker Bareback Quickie

LadyboyObsession episode 123 with Fa. One of the dirtiest girls I've ever met has to be Fa. She has such a dirty mind and is fearless. I had contacted her just an hour ago. We had never met and she came over and let me cuff her and enter her ass bareback no questions asked. I know it's stupid, but sometimes you take unnecessary risks. Don't get me wrong, I don't do it often, I fear diseases as much as the next guy, but sometimes the excitement is too much. We planned on using a condom but she told me to fuck her without after she had sucked me while cuffed and she felt horny as can be. The video is red, not because she is carrying diseases, I don't know about that because we didn't test, but because you need to be careful with this one to not let her seduce you into making dumb mistakes no matter how exciting things get.

Released: February 15, 2024

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8 | 25m37s

Yellow Pantyhose Ripped For ATM Bareback 4K

Ladyboy Taan is wearing a yellow bra with a blue skirt with suspenders, white boots, and pantyhose. The POV takes a peek under her skirt to find no panties on and her pantyhose cut open for fucking. After showing off her body, Taan sits down and sucks the POV cock and jerks at her cock. Next Taan bends over on the chair and the POV bareback fucks her doggystyle and sucks his cock again ass to mouth. Then she gets on her back and plunges a glass toy into her asshole and then sucks on the POV cock at the same time. The guy pulls out the toy and fucks her missionary on the chair. The POV lies down on the bed and Taan sucks his balls and cock. Then she straddles on him and frots their cocks together before she rides him cowgirl and pivots around reverse cowgirl. The POV gets up on his knees and fucks her from behind until he shoots his load across her body as she turns around. He reinserts into her and she jerks off until she cums on herself.

Released: February 11, 2024

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Big Tits on a Skinny Frame Bareback

LadyboyVice episode 235 with Madonna. Madonna is back with a few upgrades, she had saved up to buy a pair of tits and a new nose, she even had her back tattoo done up a bit. She really takes care of the way she looks and I am always so happy when I get to hang out with her. She seemed to have missed me too because after licking and sucking on my cacao for aw while she sat on it and slipped it in without a rubber, what a great surprise, she asked me to make her pregnant, I knew that was a long shot but I told her I'd try. Watch Madonna in her new video only here on Ladyboy Vice.

Released: February 8, 2024

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White Red Ringer Sperm Soaked Reinsert Bareback 4K

If you love tall, slender girls with small hormone titties, Prem is just the girl for you. I was super excited to get up close and personal with this hottie as soon as I saw her in her skimpy little white and red tshirt with her white, red, and black panties. I couldn't help but stare at her cute little ass as I followed her to bed. Prem lifted up her little shirt and squeezed her sensitive little titties as she sat on the bed. She then stroked at the growing bulge hiding under her panties. Prem pulled her panties aside and started tugging away at her girl cock. Prem then took hold of my cock and started stroking and sucking away as I played with her titties. I then had Prem get on her knees to give me a proper sucking. I next lied back on the bed to have this skinny hottie stroke away at my cock and suck me some more. Prem then climbed up on top of me, pulled her panties aside, and slid my bare cock into her ass-pussy. Prem rode me and stroked away at her cock until it was time for her to get on her hands and knees for some more bareback fucking. Prem then rolled over onto her back with her long legs up for me to push my cock in missionary. I fucked away at her hole as she beat her oiled up girl shaft. I then pulled my cock out to trade handjobs as I stood over her. She tugged away at my oiled cock until I shot a load onto her chest and then pushed the rest of my cum into her ass. I then put my cock fresh from her ass and into her her mouth as she pumped away at her girl cock until she squirted a nice gooey load onto herself. Only on LadyboysFuckedBareback.

Released: February 4, 2024

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Elastic Rear Pretty Eyes Barebacking 4K

LadyboyObsession episode 122 with Nonny. Nonny aka. Mi-Cha is my favorite petite femboy. She will always be my adult pizza night, the feeling I get when indulging on that one evening every week where can fulfill my every desire without any guilt. It is like Christmas and so is spending time with Mi-Cha without having to worry about waking up early the next day and her letting you know she will stay as long as I want.

Released: February 1, 2024

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19 | 1h36m22s

Monster Cock Raw Topping Massage 4x Cum 4K

Dirty Massage episode 34 with Polla. Four cumshots. Polla uses toys and plenty of spit and lube to open a Farang's hole for her GIANT BAREBACK LADYBOY COCK! Polla's skinny frame houses one of the most impressive Ladyboy cocks in all of Thailand. It's a throbbing, erect dream with balls seemingly always full of delicious seed. Polla is dressed in a shiny pastel bikini that shows her lithe body, trim legs and hot abs. Polla shows off her elastic anus that loves hard cocks rubbing against her prostrate. Polla slides a red, ribbed glass toy into her browneye then welcomes in a bareback cock. Polla is belly down with her incredible cock poking out between her prone thighs. The Farang dips his raw cock to the balls and copious amounts of precum drips from Polla's rod. The man feeds Polla dick fresh from her asshole as she strokes her meat. Polla swallows' spit and thoroughly cleans the dick. Their cocks rub together in frottage and Polla is fucked more by the older man. More ass to mouth blowjob action and Polla deeply rims the man's hole. She wants it. Polla is aware how large her cock is and knows it takes lots of warmup to accommodate such a large piece of meat. Polla is turned on and can't wait, immediately shooting a sticky load all over her tummy. The man uses Polla's cum as lube and strokes his cock. He licks and gazes at Polla's pristine butthole and is incredibly turned on. He unloads jizz all over Polla's insatiable backdoor. Now it's time for the massage. Polla has the man lay face down and pours generous amounts of coconut oil all over. She caresses the man's feet, back and thighs. But once Polla zeros in on the man's buns and asshole that is all she can think about. Her cock hardens and she's on a quest to slide her bareback monster as deep into the man as possible. Close up views of her butthole and the man's as Polla spreads the man's buns wide and oils the pink ring. Plenty of views from underneath and above of Polla licking, fingering and fucking the man. She gets in as much of her cock as she can, it will take a few stretching sessions to take her cum monster. The man greedily licks Polla's fat cock straight from his asshole while stroking his member. Polla has the man turn over and plants her butthole right onto the man's face. The guy tongue kisses Polla's hole as she toys with the man's cock and anus. Polla slides in front of the man and fucks him more missionary. Her thick, flared cockhead fills the man to the limit stretching him wide. Polla gives the man some sniff to help relax more. Polla wants to cum but unless the man can take it balls deep she needs to drain herself. Polla is a sexy, dirty bitch and licks the man's feet and asshole while jerking off. Her deeply lapping tongue causes the man to cum almost uncontrollably, and he paints Polla's cock with a sticky cumshot. Polla uses the man's sperm as lube and jerks more, spurting multiple jets of spunk all over. Their sperm mingles together as both catch their breath from the steamy barebacking session. The room is scented with fragrant hot cum, hints of coconut and full blown Ladyboy testosterone. Polla heads to the shower and shows her wet, skinny, cock-dangling frame. This brings this incredible, hung, big dick swinging Ladyboy session to a close. This Ladyboy Dirty Massage session is made specially for our fans on the LadyboyGold Network.

Released: January 27, 2024

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Smooth and Supple Face Down Ass Up

LadyboyVice episode 234 with Fern. One of the prettiest ladyboys to ever enter porn is back for a rare new video. To make sure she wasn't going anywhere before she had met my needs I locked her down with her wrists to her ankles, her ass up in the air with her little butthole exposed and nowhere to hide. I then locked away her dick as well so she couldn't help herself in case she got hard. This is the best time, what's better than to have a beauty like Fern in your room in a position which allows you to do anything you want? For a moment I almost went as far as to slip inside unprotected but if I did that I would burn the bridge and she would definitely not ever make porn again. Sorry guys, the bareback sessions with Fern need more time before they can come to fruition.

Released: January 23, 2024

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Ultra Fit Mature Piss Whore Creampie Swallow 4K

Hardbody Lyn's oiled abs flex while she pisses all over herself, then her anus gaped and overflowing with hot cum! Lyn's a mature pleaser dressed in a lacy red black babydoll with sheer panties. Her bulge is on full display through the flimsy material and her butthole easily accessed with the panties pulled aside. The guy promptly bends over Lyn and lubes her sweet hole, sliding throbbing bareback dick past Lyn's anal ring. Lyn's anal prize easily opens from years of hard training and swallows the Farang meat. Lyn sucks on glass graduating anal beads and the man pulls his dick from Lyn's asshole and right into her hungry lips. Lyn deep throats the dirty dick and cleans all her ass juices from the shaft. Ball worship while Lyn's backdoor is played with more, then gaping with plunging bareback dick and glass anal toys. Lyn's back-pussy is a perfect target for the man's load and is stretched open for cum. The man unloads all inside and up Lyn's slippery hole, fucking the sperm deeply inside her slimy sphincter. The dick pulls from Lyn's has and she greedily licks off all the tasty sperm. Lyn devours the dick and needs to piss. She goes into the shower and rains a stream of hot piss all over her babydoll outfit. Lyn is such a wonderful kinky whore. She strips out of her piss-soaked outfit and wraps her lips around the man's dick. He's sitting on the toilet and Lyn washes the man's dick, balls and asshole in a pleasing tongue bath. Lyn slams her face onto the POV's throbbing dick then impales her asshole cowgirl. She rides the bareback dick then pisses all over herself again. Her slim, muscular frame glistens with piss. Lyn and the guy go back into the bedroom to cum again. Lyn lays on the bed and her mouth feasts on the man's asshole in hot face sitting. Lyn's cumshot builds and the guy brings his cock close to hers. Lyn cums all over the guys dick and the guy feeds Lyn her load. The sight makes the man want to cum and he explodes a 2nd cumshot inside Lyn's open mouth. Lyn sucks every drop out and swallows it all. Lyn lays back exhausted and totally satisfied from the rough, kinky bareback session. Only on LadyboyFuckedBareback and the LadyboyGold Network.

Released: January 19, 2024

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Sunday Morning Bareback Facial

LadyboyObsession episode 121 with Mickey. Honestly, I want to know, can you tell me what's better than to wake up on a Sunday morning, well-rested after a good night sleep, no hang over and a petite cute ladyboy with a dick way too big for such a small frame wearing a crop top saying 'Yes Daddy'? I don't know much but I think there aren't many things better than that for an old timer who is a huge horndog.

Released: January 15, 2024

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Full Release Oil Massage Hookup 4K

Ladyboy Hookups episode 9 with Paula. Showgirl Paula stops by to give a stud a ball draining oil massage. Paula is wearing a hot pink miniskirt and tiny black panties. She pulls aside the material of her cockpacked panties to free her balls and expose her perfect ass-pussy. Paula slides a purple buttplug to the hilt and strokes her long girl-dick. Paula's skirt naturally raises above her hips and she's quick to show off her amazing figure. Her tits pour from the top as she trails her long slim fingers along the mans body. Paula gets off playing with men, touching their cocks while lustily looking in their eyes. Once Paula locks into the man's erection there's no stopping her. She plays with the man's throbbing dick until jet after jet of spunk shoots out. Paula is so turned on by the sight and scent of the man's sperm that she quickly empties her own pretty dick onto the man cock. Their cum mixes together in a sticky hot mess. Relax and cum is the best way to spend an afternoon in Thailand. Only Hookups, and only on the LadyboyGold Network.

Released: January 11, 2024

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Pumping the Cum Out of 3 Dicks

LadyboyVice episode 233 with Ukiko Kei. Unfortunately Ukiko was almost never available and she moved to Germany a while ago, at least she let me know a couple of days before she left so I got to make a second video with her before it was too late. She brought one of her friends. She tried to give her friend the chance to sort of slide into her slot but her friend didn't like me much so enjoy this video for two reasons, 1, probably the last you'll see featuring Ukiko's weapon of ass destruction and two, Kei's most likely one and only video on the network, one is better than none right?

Released: January 8, 2024

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Red Hair Versatile Topping No Condom Breeding 4K

Two messy cumshots. Red-haired Many is dancing and touching herself in her sheer black body stocking. She lets out her big hard girl cock as she moves and strokes it in the POV's face and he can't resist sucking it. He then stands up and Many starts licking at his shaft lick and sucking it. Many lie on her side to stroke herself as she sucks more. She then works her way down farther and rims the POV ass. Next, she gives an oiled up handjob while fingering at his ass. Many frots with him and then slides her oiled cock into him. Then, Many lies on her back, legs wide open, and stroking her cock. The POV clips Many's dainty panties with scissor for easier access, and fucks her on her back until she shoots cum up in the air and back onto waist. The POV then fucks Many on all fours, shoots hot cum on her hole, and then fucks her with it more. Many's perfect sphincter is a mess of potent man-jizz. A LadyboysFuckedBareback original episode.

Released: January 4, 2024

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Skinny Pole Dancer Fuck Cum

LadyboyObsession episode 120 with Sakura. Sakura is and fro a long time will be, one of the hottest commodities in the city of Pattaya, apart from her flat out refusal to have bareback sex no matter how many tests I throw at her, she won't have it, apart from the one time we did have bareback sex and someone scared the shit out of her afterwards. It's alright though, bareback, condom, this girl is fine adult viewing material any way you slice it. Watch her latest entry only on LadyboyObsession.

Released: January 1, 2024

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